7. "The Subjective Risk and Return Expectations of Institutional Investors" By Spencer J. Couts, Andrei S. Goncalves, Johnathan Loudis
AREUEA-ASSA 2024 (scheduled)


6. "Lease Expirations and CRE Property Performance" By David Glancy and J. Christina Wang [Slides]
Federal Reserve Stress Testing Research Conference 2023 (Boston)

5. "Housing Market Congestion: The Effects of New For-Sale Supply on Home Prices and Sale Hazards" By Elliot Anenberg and Daniel Ringo [Slides]
Urban Economics Association (UEA) North America 2023

4. "ESG in private equity: ESG portfolio footprints, operational levers and financial returns" By Noah Bani-Harouni, Ulrich Hommel, Falko Paetzold [Slides]
Oxford Sustainable Private Markets 2023

3. "Are Unfunded Capital Commitments a Side Show? Evidence from University Endowments" By Reiner Braun, Mark Jansen, Ludovic Phalippou [Not released per authors' request]
34th Mitsui Finance Symposium: VC and PE 2023


2. "The Revolving Door and Insurance Solvency Regulation" By Ana-Maria Tenekedjieva [Slides]
Southern Finance Association 2021