7. "The Subjective Risk and Return Expectations of Institutional Investors" By Spencer J. Couts, Andrei S. Goncalves, Johnathan Loudis
AREUEA-ASSA 2024 (scheduled)


6. "Lease Expirations and CRE Property Performance" By David Glancy and J. Christina Wang
Federal Reserve Stress Testing Research Conference 2023 (scheduled)

5. "The Future of Work and Consumption in Cities after the Pandemic: Evidence from Germany" By Jean-Victor Alipour, Oliver Falck, Simon Krause, Carla Krolage, Sebastian Wichert
Urban Economics Association North America Meeting 2023 (scheduled)

4. "ESG in private equity: ESG portfolio footprints, operational levers and financial returns" By Noah Bani-Harouni, Ulrich Hommel, Falko Paetzold
Oxford Sustainable Private Markets Conference 2023 (scheduled)

3. "Are Unfunded Capital Commitments a Side Show? Evidence from University Endowments" By Reiner Braun, Mark Jansen, Ludovic Phalippou
34th Mitsui Finance Symposium: Venture Capital and Private Equity 2023


2. "The Revolving Door and Insurance Solvency Regulation" By Ana-Maria Tenekedjieva
Southern Finance Association 2021